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Science proves it – Run more and you will weigh less

To be the fastest joggler you can, you need to weigh less. Previously, we explored how you know when you should lose weight. Well here is a study that proves running more helps control weight.

This research about running seems a bit obvious but it’s further proof that being a lifelong juggling runner is good for you. joggling milwaukeeIt also shows that more running is actually better at least when it comes to your weight.

In the study, researchers evaluated runners who maintained consistent running activity for 7 years. Three groups of runners (between 25-34 yrs old) were included: 15 miles a week or less, 30-15 miles a week, 30+ miles a week. Here’s what they found…

Running more is better.

Low mileage runners gained 1.4 pounds annually while the high mileage runners gained 0.6 pounds. The middle runners gained only 0.8 pounds. They didn’t list it but they imply that the average weight gain of most people is much higher. This story says weight gain for average Americans is 2 pounds per year. It also says that the major weight gain was between the ages of 25-34. See, there’s good reason for you twentysomethings to start a joggling program.

Ok, maybe just being a runner is good enough but if they added jogglers to this study, I bet we would’ve faired even better. Since I started joggling, I’ve lost over 30 pounds and have kept it off for over 4 years. And I’m 38 years old.

Bottom line…The best way to lose weight is to not gain it in the first place. To do that, you should run.

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