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Is Joggling Making You Sick?

It starts with a scratchy feeling in the back of your throat.

Then a sinus feels clogged.sick joggling

Then a blocked ear impairs hearing.

A bit of tinnitus might even sound.

You are officially sick.

Could it have anything to do with the hours of outdoor joggling in the frigid Chicago winter weather?

Running Sick

Serendipitously, the latest issue of Runner’s World had an article about this very subject. It turns out that some research suggests that running can actually boost your immunity and make you less likely to catch a cold. Apparently, running helps strengthen the levels of immune cells like lymphocytes and neutrophils.

So, why does it seem every time I’m training for a marathon I get sick?

That’s because the immune boost only is achieved by running for 30 to 75 minutes. If you do longer or more intense workouts, it reduces your immune system making you more likely to get sick.

You really can have too much of a good thing.

In the article, they go on to say the reason for the decreased immunity is because you reduce your carbohydrate stores. This increases the production of the cortisol and epinephrine hormones which inhibits production of neutrophils and lymphocytes.

Stop the Sickness

So what is a marathoning joggler to do? You can follow these sick running tips plus…

The experts advise to make sure you drink carbohydrate containing beverages before, during and after your workouts. This will help restore lost supplies and reduce the impact on your immune system.

You should also wash your hands more regularly. To germs your hands are like a cable car to your mouth. And if you don’t regularly disinfect your joggling bags (as most jugglers don’t) they could be a virtual germ hotel.

Oh yeah, one more conclusion from the article. Don’t waste your money on supplements like Air Borne, zinc or glutamine. There is no evidence than any of these have any beneficial effect on stopping or slowing down colds. Some supplements have actually been proven to be detrimental to athletes.

Like I always say about colds….

Do nothing and it’ll go away in a week.
Take a supplement and it’ll go away in about 7 days.

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