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10 Marathon Training Tips From an Expert has a list of 10 Marathon Training tips from Liz Yelling, a top British marathon runner.  Here’s what she says.

1.  Block off your training time.
2.  Set goals and reward yourself when you make them.
3.  Plan your training time.
4.  Mix up your running workouts – do something new.
5.  Plan in some easy run days.
6.  Eat right
7.  Run with a group.
8.  Get some good shoes
9.  Be patient, it might take time to see results.
10. Have fun.

Marathon Joggling tips

These are all good tips but they seem pretty obvious.  Here are some additional tips that I’ve found helpful.

11.  Avoid wearing cotton – it causes chafing and is really heavy when you sweat.
12.  Don’t joggle with balls that bounce.
13.  Don’t overeat – marathon training makes you hungry & you’ll tend to eat more than you need.
14.  Some training days will be bad – Don’t sweat it.
15.  If you miss a training session forgive yourself and move on.  Don’t kill yourself to make up the miles.
16.  Juggling makes a good cross training activity.

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