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This slip of metal could save your life

One weekend I was joggling home from the lakefront and nearly got hit by a car. It was a typical scene, I was running down the sidewalk and came up to an alley. As I stepped to cross the alley a huge, obnoxious SUV comes barreling out. Just as I got in front of Shoe IDher she slams on the brakes. It nearly made me drop a beanbag. Fortunately, she stopped in time and only bumped me. I continued and made it home without another incident.

But it occurred to me that I wasn’t carrying a wallet. In fact, if you did get hit by a car and was knocked unconscious how would anyone know who you were? Granted there aren’t a lot of jogglers in Chicago but I wouldn’t want to rely on that fact. I can’t carry an ID when running because it doesn’t fit in my pocket.

Enter the Road ID. My wife must have had similar concerns because she purchased the Shoe ID for me. It fits on the shoe great and it is much easier than carrying an ID. She even put the name “Joggler” on it. That girl cracks me up. If you don’t run with an ID, you should. It’s rare that people get knocked unconscious while running but it does happen. Having an ID will just keep you safer.

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