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Joggling Is a Good Use of Time

This is part of a series of posts answering the oft asked question, “Why Do You Joggle?why are you a joggler

One of the reasons I like to joggle is because it is an efficient use of time.  Training for marathons takes many hours and if you’re serious, it takes time away from other things you enjoy. If you’re the type who has lots of goals in different areas, that time away will make it harder to accomplish everything.

We only have so much time in life. If you can combine activities, you can get more done.

Even if I’m able to realize my goal of living until 107, that means there are just over 24,800 days left. You take out sleep, eating, and other daily essentials, that doesn’t leave much time. By joggling, you can work on both your running goals and your juggling goals. I actually go the extra step of listening to audio books which allows me to realize my “reading” goals.

I joggle because it allows me get more done with the limited time I’ve got.

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