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Joggling Interview – Jack Hirschowitz the Intellectual Joggler

We accidentally found New York joggler, Jack Hirschowitz, when a picture of him joggling in Central Park was posted on the Internet.  No name was given on the photo but fellow joggler Barry Goldmeier recognized him.  He is a psychiatrist and Professor of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.  He is 63 years old and lives in Manhattan.

What is the story of how you learned to juggle?

HIRSCHOWITZ:  Although I could do a basic three ball juggle since I was a kid, I really only got serious about juggling at the age of 48 and have made quite a lot of progress (I am flashing seven and do a solid 5 ball juggle).

When did you start joggling and why?

HIRSCHOWITZ:  Because I like to run, I started joggling on the treadmill one day (before I even knew that joggling existed) and joined the New York roadrunners.

Have you done many races joggling?

HIRSCHOWITZ:  I now joggle in races almost every weekend in Central Park and seem to be the only joggler except in the marathon and half marathon. I have been to a number of IJA festivals and have participated in the joggling championships for a number of years now.

How did you do in the most recent New York Marathon?

HIRSCHOWITZ:  I ran the New York Marathon this year in 5 hours and 11 minutes, and I believe that i may be the oldest joggler to do a marathon. My goal for next year is to run it in under 5 hours.

What keeps you joggling?

HIRSCHOWITZ:  I believe that for me joggling represents pushing the envelope and that you are never too old to have a happy childhood. As a medical doctor and psychiatrist I try to be a role model for my patients. I promote diet and exercise and like to use myself as an example. I am a Carmine Street Irregular and am proud to be a member of the juggling community.  Most of all I am passionate about joggling!

Have you inspired other jogglers?

HIRSCHOWITZ:  I have a wonderful daughter (Chloe) who joggles.  A picture of her joggling was featured in the last edition of Juggle Magazine.

How long do you think you will keep joggling?

HIRSCHOWITZ:  I hope to keep joggling for many more years.

Do you have any advice for would-be jogglers?

HIRSCHOWITZ:  My advice for would-be jogglers is: joggling looks a lot harder than it is, but don’t tell anyone.  And for those of you that are single…….it’s a great way to meet people.

Thanks Jack, you’re an inspiration to jogglers everywhere.  Jack runs a website promoting a personal development program.  You can learn more about it at Flashing  You can also see a video interview with him here.

And check out our interviews with juggling runners page to learn about more jogglers around the world.

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