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Joggling and Racing Etiquette Part 3 – Finishing the race with style

This is Part 3 of a 3 part Series called Joggling and Racing Etiquette.

In Part 2 we looked at juggling etiquette during a race. We finish the series with more tipscrowded joggling and suggestions on what to do when the race is over. But first, one tip pre-race tip I forgot

1. Let race directors know you’re coming. Admittedly, I haven’t always done this and it hasn’t been a problem. But it’s good to let a race director know you’ll be there and intend to joggle the race. Most will be happy to have you. Some might even give you free registration or mention you in a press release about the race. You do risk having them tell you ‘NO’ but in my years of joggling races and marathons it’s not happened.

More race time tips

2. Wear only one headphone. Keep one ear clear so you can hear other runners, spectators, or other important noises. (Actually, some races forbid headphone wearing but this is rare). Most people are fascinated by juggling runners so try to answer them nicely if they say something. And hearing spectators cheer is great!

3. Alert runners when you pass. When you want to pass, alert the runner in front of you by saying something like “On your left (or right)”. That means you’ll be passing on that side and they should know to move over. Sometimes a “Coming thru” works good too when passing 2 people at the same time. And if you hear someone say this to you, make sure you get out of their way. Always yield to the faster runners.

4. Do tricks only when there are no other runners around you. When you do a juggling trick that breaks the normal joggler pattern, the chances you’ll drop go up immensely. Be careful not to turn your mistake into someone else’s twisted ankle. I’d say don’t do tricks but you’re a juggler and if you’re like me you can’t help yourself. Just do tricks where & when a drop won’t matter much.

Finishing your juggling run

5. When you finish stop juggling but don’t stop walking. No need to continue joggling thru the chute. You’ve completed your race now take a break. But don’t hang around the finish line. Other people behind you want a chance to finish strong too. Walk all the way through and get your hard earned post-race food and drink.

6. Have something to say. After the race, people may come up and ask you questions. They may even be reporters. It’s good to have thought of something to say beforehand so you don’t sound aloof. Be pleasant, humble and happy. Yes, you may have just completed a marathon and feel terrible, but you don’t want to give yourself and the sport of joggling a bad name.

7. Don’t be a pig. Sure you’ll be hungry and thirsty at the end but so will all the other runners who were slower than you. Don’t load yourself up with extra food & drinks. Be considerate of the runners behind you.

For more running etiquette tips check out what this savvy runner has to say.

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  1. What if the race director doesn’t know what joggling is? Won’t they be less likely to allow you to do something that they don’t know anything about?

  2. Yeah, they would. But you can help explain it to them or even direct them to this website or other joggling sites so they see that it is really a legitimate sport.

  3. I can’t wait until January 6th, I am joggling my first race. The director is my friend; we are team mates on cross country and he hosts a charity 5k every year.

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