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Alex Tijerina – Juggler Turned Joggler

On occasion we tag a post with the term “inspiration”. We have no idea whether the post really inspires but we think it should so we do it. Well, in today’s joggler interview we meet a person who proves that this blog has inspired and created more jogglers in the world.

Meet Alex Tijerina.Alex is an 18-year old high school senior living in a suburb of Seattle, Washington. She planning onAlex Tijerina joggler attending college next year and is interested in becoming an author. At 5’4″ and 93 pounds, she doesn’t exactly fit the mold of other jogglers we’ve profiled. But she gives hope that joggling will continue to grow. It just might become, the sport of the future.

JYAJ – What is the story of how you learned to juggle?

TIJERINA: Though I had received juggling balls much earlier, I started getting into juggling in middle school, around five years ago, when I actually had someone to teach me how to juggle. After purchasing “The Complete Juggler” by Dave Finnigan, I started to teach myself tricks and soon became mesmerized by it and have been juggling off and on ever since.

JYAJ – When did you start joggling?

TIJERINA: I believe I started joggling around two and a half months ago after discovering your website.

JYAJ – Why did you start joggling?

TIJERINA: I had always heard about joggling around the net but I never realized how much it could it affect your attitude and health. This website really gave me some insight on the subject and I find myself becoming happier and more fit in the process. Of course one of my main reason is that it’s fun!

JYAJ – How much have you joggled?

TIJERINA: Being a juggler before a joggler, I had never really done much running. But now joggling has given me inspiration to start running and I feel myself getting physically healthier. I try to run at least a mile every day or every other day, slowly building up my strength.

JYAJ – What kind of training do you do? How fast do you run?

TIJERINA: Right now in addition to joggling on a treadmill, (it rains too much here) I implement a little bit of resistance weight training around 2-3 times a week to further strengthen my legs and arms. On days where I don’t feel too well or are too tired to joggle I use a stationary bike. I also practice juggling tricks regularly and that further helps to exercise my arms. Right now my running speed is pretty slow, but hope to increase it a little each day. Being light also helps.

JYAJ – How long do you think you will keep joggling?

TIJERINA: I think that as long as I am interested in juggling I will continue joggling and I don’t see my interest declining anytime soon.

JYAJ – Do you eat a special diet?

TIJERINA: Not really, but I try to eat as healthy as I can, no processed foods or fast foods. In addition, I’m also trying to eat more carbohydrates, though I still end up eating every thirty minutes. I was always hungry even before exercising everyday. Now this feeling has doubled! It was hard enough gaining weight when I wasn’t exercising. It’s getting really tough now, but I have heard the muscle weighs more than fat.

JYAJ – Do you have any advice for would-be or new jogglers?

TIJERINA: My advice is that even if you know how to juggle it can be a little difficult to acclimate yourself to running and juggling at the same time. The best thing to do is to just keep practicing and it will soon become a natural motion. Some people might think it is a little strange, but they don’t know what they are missing.

Thanks Alex! We look forward to hearing more of your joggling adventures on the west coast of the United States. Hopefully your story will inspire other girls to pick up the sport of joggling. And go here for more for more joggling interviews.

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