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5 Tips For Beginning An Exercise Program

I saw this article over at the Ririan Project blog. It gives a list of 5 tips to exercising like a pro.

Since a number of readers of this blog are aspiring jogglers, you might find it helpful to see some beginner’s tips for starting an exercise program.  And for the non-beginners outjoggling cat there, these tips are good reminders.

5 Tips For Beginning An Exercise Program

1. Pick a goal. Almost everyone will give up on their exercising program if they don’t have some goal they’re trying to achieve. I find races like marathons, half marathons, and 10Ks incredibly motivating. I also find motivation in the goal of keeping the joggling streak alive for at least a year. “Lose weight” or “be healthy” are not good goals. You need to be more specific.

2. Do simple exercises that you can stick with. The article suggests there are only 2 types of exercises: resistance exercise and cardiovascular exercise. Running is your cardiovascular exercise and juggling is your resistance. That means joggling is the near perfect exercise!

3. Find a plan. The article gives great sources for creating an exercise plan. For running specific exercises, check out Runners World.

4. Occasionally, do intense workouts. While the old adage “no pain, no gain” has been shown to be false, it is true that you can get greater fitness improvement when you do short bursts of intense workouts. Tempo runs, sprints, and juggling with 1lb Gballz can all increase the intensity. Do this at least once a week.

5. Listen to your body. If you feel pain (beyond just muscle cramps) then ease up a bit. There’s no need to hurt yourself.  An injury will lay you up for a few weeks and could undo much of the gains you got from exercising.  An injured joggler is a sad thing to see.

Check out the rest of the article if you want more explanation.  Go outside and do a little joggling right now if you want to start getting healthier today.

Joggle on.

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